Discover our selection of insurance and guarantees offered by our partner. Insurance is a contract that allows its beneficiaries to protect themselves in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Insurance contracts are for example related to the automobile, housing or the health of the subscriber. There are two categories of insurance: optional insurance (this is the case when subscribing a credit) and compulsory insurance (this is the case when you own a vehicle). Discover all the characteristics and information to know about the different types of insurance.

Automatic contract management on your personal space
- sign your insurance contract electronically,
- find your saved quotes and subscribe them online,
- modify your personal information (email, phone ...)
- add or delete additional guarantees,
- find or request certificates of insurance,
- modify your bank details,
- find your contractual documents.
At "GALAFEE FINANCIAL", you can manage your home contract independently, 24 hours a day, via your personal space.

Both essential and mandatory, auto insurance is mandatory to pay for the damage you cause to others. Two optional car insurance options: third-party or all-risks and options to customize your car insurance according to your needs. The following warranties and services are systematically included in your car insurance: compulsory civil liability, bodily injury to the driver, assistance 24/7, analysis of your repair quotes. At the same time, register your car loan to finance your car and insurance to protect it. The practical solution to easily acquire a new or used car.

Two situations when the insured of a life insurance policy dies:
if no beneficiary has been designated, life insurance capital is directly invested in the assets of the estate. As a result, life insurance is returned to the heirs and is subject to inheritance tax; if one or more beneficiaries have been designated, life insurance is transferred out of the estate. For example, it is common to find a beneficiary clause providing - in this order - "spouse, children and other heirs". Upon death, life insurance is passed on to the spouse, who is listed as the first beneficiary. If the latter does not accept the benefit of the contract, the capital belongs to the second-ranking beneficiary, namely the children. And so on.

Health insurance is intended to cover all or part of your health expenses that are not covered by your mandatory plan. It applies only to health care costs (consultation with a doctor, hospitalization expenses, optical and dental expenses, etc.). This insurance is to be distinguished from the daily allowances and disability pensions which fall within the scope of a provident-type insurance contract. To subscribe a health insurance thus makes it possible to be better reimbursed (e) of its expenses of health. Are you a self-employed worker? Why a mutual health is important. To protect one's activity is first and foremost to protect one's health.